The Beyond #20 – Zedaron’s Enigma.

Zedaron was a beautiful planet in its own cold and stark ways. There were magnificent craters all around not of substantial size; just magnificent in appearance. Its colour - varying shades of blue, more of darker hues than the lighter, were all metaphorical of its nature. "The door! Prof. Dale, where's it?" asked Anna. "Why? Right … Continue reading The Beyond #20 – Zedaron’s Enigma.

The Beyond #16 – Stuck In Zedaron.

"Guys, you DID forget about Earth! How could you be so lost?", asked Anna in complete disbelief. Bolt countered, "No. That's not what it is. All this while, we were thinking of a solution." "And what is that?" asked Anna impatiently. "We're still thinking", answered Pieter. Jon nodded cluelessly. Bolt who was long musing at … Continue reading The Beyond #16 – Stuck In Zedaron.

The Beyond #12 – Damkerng And Others.

"So how did you guys break in?" was Jon's first question when their communication with the other side stopped abruptly. Bolt and Pieter motioned to Anna who took off her hairclip and on a touch, it transformed itself into a multi-purpose Swiss knife. "That's how", she said as she ruffled her hair straight. "Nice hair", … Continue reading The Beyond #12 – Damkerng And Others.

The Beyond #11 – Haldus calls in.

The beeps from Jon's computer and the message "Incoming Signal" had everyone intrigued. "I’m Haldus, the Official Respondent of Universal Headquarters for Alien Communication. Your IP address was traced many times over last few nights. According to our systems, we have identified you as a Homo Sapien, not fully grown, of Planet Earth" was the audio … Continue reading The Beyond #11 – Haldus calls in.